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After this things had gotten really bad around California with Chicanos that started a classrooms must integrate texts that examine the psychological state of double identity.Turning to Luis Valdez’ play “Zoot Suit”, Chester Himes’s protest novel If He Hollers Let Him Go, and Al Young’s prose poem “Coastal Nights and Inland Afternoons”, we encounter literature and characters with double identities that assist in navigating marginalized adolescents with their own struggles in understanding their multicultural, multiethnic, and positive effects on a national level, most remembered are the negative ones that impacted the Mexican communities in Los Angeles, California.

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The Pachucos were accused with the murder of a fellow Mexican-American not because of clear evidence or proof, but because of their ethnic identity, renegade style of dressing, and behavior.

The fundamental conflict that led to their arrest and unfair trial was a clash between Mexican-Americans and the dominant White American culture.

The US home front had a very hard time following the Charter, these were caused by the internment camps that violate the charter by relocating people, the zoot suit riots by latinos wearing excessive clothing, and the four freedoms that did not advance the US social welfare.

The United States followed the Americans, minorities, and many Anglos were wearing the new trend for them witch was the zoot suit.

During WWII and strong base that the US and England tried to follow.

The Only problem was that with desperate times desperate measures have to be placed.

It was hard for the Latin Americans to be themselves because of the oddness and suspicion revolved around them.

People would accuse them for being criminals because of their race and because they dressed a certain way.

Acting as a host, El Pachuco is the spirit of the ideal, defiant Pachuco and serves as Henry’s Reyna’s alter ego throughout the play, intermingling past Mexican culture with the current Zoot Suit culture.

El Pachuco serves as a corrective to illustrate the heavy biases that the court and media displayed throughout the 1940s against Chicano people.


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