Young Goodman Brown Symbolism Essay

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Brown s journey into the dark woods is said to be parallel to depths of his soul.The gloomy trees and the dark path, which closed behind him as he continued on the path, symbolized what he was doing.

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As Brown lifted up his arms to pray, the pink ribbons worn by Faith fell to the ground.

Connolly says that the pink ribbons worn by Faith, symbolizes youth and joy.

Literary critic Mark Van Doren states: Young Goodman Brown means exactly what it says, namely that its hero left his pretty young wife one evening to walk by himself in a primitive New England woods, the Devil s territory, and either to dream or actually to experience (Hawthorne will not say) the discovery that evil exist in every human heart Brown is changed.

He thinks there is no good on earth Brown, waking from his dream, if it was a dream, sees evil even where it is not He had stumbled upon that mystery of sin which, rightly understood, provides the only sane and cheerful view of life there is.

During the journey in the woods Brown looked towards the darkened sky in doubt that heaven existed.

The stars in the sky brightened it and Connolly says that the stars are symbolic of the faint hope that Brown still possesses.

Mc Keithan states that to interpret Young Goodman Brown, the reader must make the distinction between sin and the effects of sin.

Literary critic David Levin says that Brown allows the Devil s statements about the persecution of Indians and the Quakers allows him to accept the false statements of the Devil.

When Brown met up with the devil he explained that he was late because Faith held him back awhile.

As Brown continued to journey deeper into the forest, he felt ashamed of what he was doing to Faith.


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