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WARNING: Some XSLT processors don't require you to put single quotes around a literal value if the literal value begins with a number.This is because the XML specification states that XML element names can't begin with a number.

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A further aside: the value here is the string "35", although it can be converted to a number easily.

Although these XSLT variables are called variables, they're not variables in the traditional sense of procedural programming languages like C or Java.

Remember that earlier we said one goal behind the design of the stylesheet language is to avoid side effects in execution?

Well, one of the most common side effects used in most procedural languages is changing the value of a variable.

If I say the value should be as a literal value, not as an element name.

Although this works with many XSLT processors, you're safer to put the single quotes around the numeric values anyway.

XSLT variables can store any values that you can calculate or statically define.

This includes data structures, XML hierarchies, and combinations of text and parameters.

Go through every data node, testing each one separately.

_Each_ time a data element passes the test, write down a "1" (as a text node) in this temporary document.


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