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The first task is to get your blog posts turned into book content.

The first task is to get your blog posts turned into book content.Each post should be in its own Markdown-formatted text file, with all the images for your book in their own folder and referenced in your articles.Soon enough, you'll have enough published chapters to start assembling your first e Book. Instead, carefully edit each blog post again, making sure each can stand alone as a chapter and pulling them together in an order that will make sense in a book.

We then pulled our best resources together—with writing commitments from a survey expert and our on-staff statistician—and set out to make an authoritative guide to forms and surveys.

Planning helped us make a better book, one with over a dozen chapters that in just over a month has been read by more than 36,000 people. Before you start writing, you must identify topics worth expanding into book chapters—information that will not only be relevant to your readers but will also help your team accomplish its marketing goals, too.

Turning your book outline into complete chapters is going to take time, time you'd otherwise spend on your blog and other content marketing efforts. With the approach we've used, you first write each chapter as a blog post, publish it on your blog, and turn it into a chapter of your completed book.

This method takes a bit of extra writing—you'll write different introductions and conclusions for your blog posts than you would for book chapters, and you might want to conduct additional editing before you turn it into a book chapter.

With a bit of luck, your article is the buzz of the .

The best you can hope for is a spurt of interest when it's published, viral traffic as it hits social networks and gets quoted on other sites, then long-tail traffic as Google starts ranking your article for relevant keywords.Publishing a book—in this case an e Book—is perhaps the most extreme content marketing idea possible.Books must extensively cover a topic and typically include over 10,000 words, two tasks that take considerable time to complete. Over the past year, the Zapier team has on average published one book every 90 days.Just like any other blog post, we do our best to promote each chapter as it's published on the blog—and then we promote it all over again once it's part of a shiny new book.With a bit of work, your blog becomes a cog in the machine, faithfully publishing the articles that your team puts through your planning, writing, and editing process.Note: Any text editor can work well for editing, but a code editor like Sublime Text or Atom can be helpful with their advanced find/replace tools and colored text for code.Image links aren't the only thing to watch out for; you'll have to edit out any other HTML code (unless you actually want HTML code samples in your book, in which case be sure to set it off with four spaces or a tab so it'll be printed as HTML code).That's why blogging is such a popular marketing medium.It's easy, requiring only a few hundred words and perhaps a few images, and is a reliable way to generate traffic.Your book's still an idea at this point, but it's an accomplishable one. Related: Sound like a process you already implement?Help Scout marketer Gregory Ciotti calls this topics method the "Table of Contents" approach to content strategy.


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