Writing Evaluation Essay

The reader should be able to form his own opinion basing on the evidence the writer presents.

Hence, an evaluation essay requires certain skills, well-weighed approach to the topic and, in general, a very specific type of writing called evaluative.

We have already touched upon the issue and basic agendas of writing restaurant evaluation essays. But there are some pitfalls you should be aware of.

One of them is a common mistake even good students often make.

Remember that your writing is still evaluative, which means that you are still expected to deliver a clear thesis and support it with adequate evidence.

In a self-evaluation essay, it is recommended to recall your learning objectives as they were set at the beginning of the semester or maybe changed over that period of time, and then to check whether you were able to achieve your goals or not.Remember to stick to your thesis statement and your supporting arguments.It can be a good idea to refrain from writing about the whole movie.Instead, narrow your writing, and concentrate, for example, on only one of the film characters or on the performance of only one actor.Alternatively, you could evaluate the screenplay with the appropriate criteria: the overall quality of the dialogues, or on whether the events develop logically, too slowly or too fast, etc.But you would also have to support your thesis with a good argument as well.Still staying within the evaluation essay format and not writing a scientific article, you apply a scientific approach and demonstrate the respective skills. There can be a simple topic, like “What is the best burger to eat in a fast food outlet”, but you should take it seriously.Your evaluation essay introduction should also contain a challenging problem to which your thesis statement is a possible answer. In the introduction paragraph, appeal to your reader straight from the first hooking sentence, as usual (fast food is a good topic providing plenty of ‘hooking’ ideas).Briefly talk about the importance of the topic, and explain why there is a need to pay some more attention to it.Writing an evaluation essay about a movie can be a good reason and a valid pretext to enrich this quite restricted and perhaps even dry evaluative style with fancier rhetorical twists and turns of phrase.But avoid retelling the whole narrative and coming up with a spoiler.


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