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We can see this with simple modifiers in the wrong place. ' I'm pretty sure our friend didn't mean to tell his sweetheart that he was the only person on the planet that loved her. 'To improve his building skills, a video was watched.' In order to not offend our conscientious observers, a better choice of sentence structure would be: 'In order to improve his building skills, our friend watched a video.' Now our readers know exactly who we are talking about and they won't need to figure it out and guess.

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You can end up with something that looks like a house but has lots of problems in style and function.

We usually think of a sentence as more than one word, but a single word can also amount to a sentence.

This is true if it is clear that there is a missing word that is understood to be the subject.

Not only will it bore the reader, but it will also reflect an immature style of writing. If you define a verb phrase as a phrase that includes the verb, its auxiliaries, its complements, and other modifiers, then it is illustrated above, to some extent, in the words, “turns quickly into our shaded driveway.”Do you have any special technique to help you to produce a good mix of sentence structures in your essays? Your comments, observations, and questions are welcome.

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