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Increased productivity In a rapidly evolving landscape, productivity is not only dependent on employees, but also on the technology they use.

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The results from our training and development initiatives have been very positive and it clearly shows that it is not a fad.

Training and development programs can have a huge impact on a company.

We have also engaged globally renowned experts like Aaron Ross, author of 'Predictable revenue' and world renowned Sales coach and trainer.

His session for our sales teams have transformed the way we are working.

Training allows employees to acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, perform better, increase productivity and be better leaders.

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Since a company is the sum total of what employees achieve individually, organizations should do everything in their power to ensure that employees perform at their peak.This can be conducted by someone within the company and should serve as a platform to get new employees up to speed with the processes of the company and address any skill gaps.Tackle shortcomings Every individual has some shortcomings and training and development helps employees iron them out.When it's organized, it is often at the persistence of the human resources department.There is, however, enormous value in organizing proper training and development sessions for employees.On the Job Training is one method by which students are exposed with different work situation designed to give students an opportunity to experience and a chance to apply the theories and computation that they have learned from the school.It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting.Employee satisfaction A company that invests in training and development generally tends to have satisfied employees.However, the exercise has to be relevant to the employees and one from which they can learn and take back something.INTRODUCTION • On-the-job Training is part of a college curriculum that aims to train and orient students about the work and their future career.It is a type of skill development where a worker learns how to do the work through hands-on experience.


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