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If you choose the right pair of glasses, you can see everything vividly and can behave in sync with the real world. But if you choose the wrong pair of glasses, you may find yourself in a worse plight than the blind man – thinking you see clearly when in reality your vision is severely distorted.” To choose the “right” glasses, you have to first understand and embrace the true worldview. The challenge is to formalize it by asking probing questions to help you understand what you believe and why you believe it.

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We are a culture saturated with powerful media images in movies, television, commercials and music.

And like the entertaining and seemingly benign Lion King, what we watch, listen to and read, impacts the way we think.

Millions of families across America watched the popular movie when it came out in 1993, delighting in Simba and the antics of his friends Pumbaa and Timon singing “Hakuna Matata.” Pure Disney genius.

But what worldview was being absorbed by millions of impressionable preschoolers?

The notion of the “circle of life,” that history is circular and the present is heavily influenced by the spirits of one’s ancestors, is closer to Eastern pantheism or native spiritualism than the linear view of history presented in the Bible.

But how is the average parent to know and discern the worldview, and how can parents equip their children to evaluate worldview for themselves?

He states, "death, like income tax, is inevitable."( His perspective of death along with other Secular Humanists is that death happens, no one can stop it.

After death there is no consciousness or understandings of anything that is or what might...

They deal with the ultimate questions about life and the world in general.

The answers to these questions form a framework or pattern; they hang together in a certain way.


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