Worldcom Research Paper

World Com's expenses as a percentage of its total revenue increased because the growth rate of its earnings dropped.This also meant World Com's earnings might not meet Wall Street analysts' expectations.

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­ ­­World Co­m took the telecom industry by storm when it began a frenzy of acquisitions in the 1990s.

In 2000, World Com began classifying operating expenses as long-term capital investments.

Hiding these expenses in this way gave them another $3.85 billion.

The low margins that the industry was accustomed to weren't enough for Bernie Ebbers, CEO of World Com.

From 1995 until 2000, World Com purchased over sixty other telecom firms. World Com moved into Internet and data communications, handling 50 percent of all United States Internet traffic and 50 percent of all e-mails worldwide.

The acquisition of MCI/World Com was the direct result of the behavior of World Com's senior managers as documented above.

While it can be argued that the demise of AT&T Corp.

World Com's audit committee was asked for documents supporting capital expenditures, but it could not produce them.

The controller admitted to the internal auditors that they weren't following accounting standards.


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