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Thank you for speaking honestly about the challenges of staying at home, and the joys of it, too.You remind us that it is OK to have hard days, and that every single one of those is worth the reward.Thank you for being in the working world as a woman, too—because we bring insight and brilliance and wisdom that needs to be heard.

But a 2011 Harvard study shows that the earnings penalty to MBAs for taking a job interruption of as little as 18 months, within 15 years of receiving a bachelors degree, is an astounding 41 percent.

(Although career reentry expert Carol Fishman Cohen explains it is important to note that survey participants may intentionally choose a lower-compensated job post-career break for reasons ranging from simply wanting a less stressful job to wanting more schedule flexibility.) And the non-monetary costs can be every bit as daunting.

And some women, like myself, walk because the career they have and the parent they want to be (with the spouse they have chosen) cannot seem to exist in the same life.

I did not make this decision with imperfect knowledge of what the workplace would offer when I returned. The monetary and nonmonetary costs were incalculable and barely studied at the time.

And thank you for giving so much to your family, and finding every single moment available to be with them while you juggle it all.

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You are doing what you do out of love and devotion, and you should be proud. Sometimes you also feel the need to justify your choice to be a stay-at-home mom.Some women walk away because their families cannot afford the daycare they need to stay employed.Some women walk away because their families can afford for them not to work.I was a full-time working mom for years before I became the stay-at-home mom I am currently.I can say with 100 percent certainty that both are incredibly difficult and fulfilling in different ways.The question asks, "What does someone pay you to do? The fact that for me this was such a disquieting question suggests that even now, more than a decade and half into my self-inflicted exile from the paid workplace, I am not fully comfortable with my decision.In 1995, just before my third child was born, I joined the 43 percent of highly qualified women who off-ramp, opt out, or walk away from a good income.Hannah lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband and two young daughters, and is an alumni of the University of South Carolina and devoted Gamecock fan.The four most dreaded words in the English language, according to a recent study, are, "We need to talk." But for me, as a long time stay-at-home mom, the four words I dread most are, "What do you do?" It is the question that sneaks up on me at a parent-teacher conference or the sidelines of a soccer game.Each time I am momentarily dumbstruck and struggle for an answer.


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