Wireless Security Master Thesis

However, the more important such wireless become, the more likely they are to be attacked. Kellerer, “Castor: Scalable Secure Routing for Ad-hoc Networks,” , San Diego, CA, March 2010 P. We are interested in enhancing the security of networked systems and the privacy of their users, and overall in designing trustwrothy, efficient, and effective netwroked systems.

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Please keep in mind that significant effort, contribution and novelty are expected for an MSc thesis. Our latest results show that there is still space to significantly improve over prior solutions. Please present your idea in a short proposal of max. Please choose up to five most relevant references from the literature and add them to your proposal.

If you are motivated, please email us ([email protected]) your resume, your KTH transcripts, and one note (max. Thus, the objective of this thesis (or theses, as it is possible that more than one spots be available) is to design a new protocol or enhancements or variants of state-of-the-art secure communication protocols, and perform detailed comparative performance evaluation and analysis with prior art. Back to the top Physical layer security has recently become an emerging technique to complement and significantly improve the communication security of wireless networks.

Enrique Cobo Jiménez’s work, “Encrypting IMSI to improve privacy in 5G Networks” was named the best master thesis in the field of Application and Services for Cyber-security and Cyber-intelligence by the Spanish Official Association of Electrical Engineers.

Enrique tells us about his thesis and his experience at Ericsson Security Research in Stockholm. My thesis aims to enhance identifier privacy in mobile networks, especially regarding 5G, when a subscriber needs to be identified to the network.

We also demonstrated that our proposal was practically feasible with off-the-shelf smartphones.

Mobile applications were developed to measure the execution time for encrypting IMSI using different elliptic curves (NIST P-256 and Curve25519) on smartphones from different vendors and with varying computational capacities.In the best case, the total execution time was 1.6 ms, which is quite acceptable when comparing it with a typical call setup time.These results were also presented at the IEEE Conference Mo WNet’17, Subscription identifier privacy in 5G Systems. People there were very helpful and open to discussing ideas.However, it is well-understood that we cannot have these Vehicular Communication (VC) systems deployed without securing them first. The master thesis work will require exploring various security related aspect of a signaling scheme between two users.If we did, they would be exposed to hacks, and attackers could create significant damages. Student will accomplish the following in the master thesis: 1.People from other working units also helped with their insights on the topic, from comments to valuable implementation aspects.On a personal note, the thesis challenged me in a stimulating way – sometimes I was pushed to my limits.So here I am now, working as an ASIC designer at Ericsson, and so far, I can say that the experience is great. coming from Spain, living in Sweden has meant to value and enjoy good weather much more!I have had to get used to many different things, some of them were easy (like fikas – the Swedish tradition of having a small sweet with a cup of coffee), while others were challenging (som att prata svenska – such as the Swedish language! Honestly, I must confess that I couldn’t help asking and pressing all the buttons I could find!Then I went to Madrid to study Electrical Engineering at UPM Technical University of Madrid, and finally I was offered to finish my studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


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