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I get home at in the afternoon every day and try to go to bed by so that I can get enough sleep.You are probably thinking, “Oh, so that gives you six hours for homework, right? I have to eat after school so that leaves me with five and a half.I also think that teachers forget that we have six classes.

So, they argue that the homework they give you won’t take all night but if it’s taking thirty minutes to an hour for each class, you’re looking at about three hours.

On top of that, many teachers want us to study for fifteen to twenty minutes a night and so now you’re at about four hours.

Being given homework meant they weren’t available to complete essential tasks for their parents.

It was so frowned upon, in fact, that a law passed in California in 1901 banned all homework for kindergartners all the way up to eighth graders.

Quintilian, the teacher of Pliny the Younger, mentions homework in his works on education.

There’s even been stone tablets uncovered that show assignments from teachers.On top of that, we are told that we should get involved with the school by joining sports and extracurricular activities.Did they forget that some of us have jobs or that some of us have siblings that we have to babysit daily? I get that school is important; this is coming from someone who takes all honor classes and gets all As.The reason this changed was because of the Cold War in the 1950’s.There was a need for more highly educated students, especially those in the sciences.Today’s students will be surprised that homework used to be frowned upon, especially in the United States.This was because before the Second World War, children were needed to help out with chores around the home.So, did Nevilis know what he was doing when he started the tradition of homework, all those years ago?He probably didn’t expect today’s students to be carrying such a heavy workload home with them.Everybody needs a little break sometimes because caring about school can be really stressful when you put so much pressure on yourself to get all As and to be perfect.Kids need a little time to breathe and it would be nice to AT LEAST have that on the weekends.


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