What Thesis About The Real Nature Of Imperialism

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His merit is to illustrate the effect of communication technologies in our social life.Referring to media globalization, it seems that the development of it can be grouped into different historical periods by three significant forms of mediums.The merger and acquisition of media companies have produced the large-scale media group; for instance, the seven main global media giants which are Disney, AOL – Time Warner, Sony, News Corporation, Viacom, Vivendi and Bertelsmann (Mc Chesney, 2000).

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It brings information from different nations and diverse areas of the world to the individual computers or laptops.

The performances of media globalization can be partitioned into three aspects.

In the second place, Tomlinson (2004) states that the industrialized countries had been linked by satellite television.

It had broken through the time and space limitations so that worldwide audiences can sit in front of televisions and watch the same events or soap operas at the same time.

As for many Chinese young people, they concern about Western technology news to learn about the latest electronic products, their mp3 players are playing the popular songs of Lady Gaga and Adele; American TV series are their favourites, such as Vampire Diaries and The Big Bang Theory.

Media globalization means not only the dissemination of media products, but also the promotion of media commercialization which is becoming the universal media form.

More exactly, that is the reason why teleplays like Dallas can be widely spread.

Finally, as modern technology is advancing at a rapid speed, as a media carrier the internet has completely changed the way people get information.

Firstly, as an important representation of the diverse national economy and culture, media products are spreading across the globe.

People just need to press some buttons on the remote control or keyboard and then they will be able to access the media products they want from almost any country via satellite television or online media, such as news, TV programs and soap operas.


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