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Alejandro continues and eventually finishes the plan. Still, he realizes that anyone who has achieved greatness started somewhere.

Alejandro continues and eventually finishes the plan. Still, he realizes that anyone who has achieved greatness started somewhere.

Combining philanthropy with his enlightened self-interest, Alejandro plans to make a profit while also fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in people who face a difficult future.

Alejandro is excited to start his company and therefore, make his impact on the world.

Business plans are either internally or externally focused.

Internally focused plans serve as a document to “rally the troops”; organize the stakeholders, especially employees, of a business and give an overall strategy to each of their regular tasks and actions.

A business plan is often referred to as a “living document”.

This is because a these plans are constantly changing.External business plans serve the purpose of raising capital.Banks constantly visit with small businesses desiring a loan to finance a new project.Investors and lenders want to eliminate as much risk as possible, and an external business plan provides them a way to measure and mitigate these risks.In short, an external business plan is a way for a developing company to stand out from other businesses while showing that goals and aspirations have been considered and documented. For example, a web marketing firm has little use for the structure of an operations plan which is common to a manufacturing firm.Then, Alejandro assembles industry statistics and information for his industry analysis section of the business plan. chapter and prepares to begin the mentoring process. He will need to summarize these into a section which serves his purposes. In conclusion, Alejandro knows that he has a lot to learn. These plans begin by following boilerplate sections and explanations. In a similar fashion, a retail e-commerce store will even have a different business plan from a brick-and-mortar retail store.The factors of success, operations, marketing, risk, and measurement dictate this.These parts, though different for each plan, generally follow common purposes.The standard business plan format is as follows: 1) Executive Summary 2) Business Description 3) Products and/or Services 4) Marketing Plan 5) Operations Plan 6) Management and Organizational Structure 7) Benchmarks and Milestones 8) Legal Entity Structure 9) Capitalization 10)Financial Plan and Projections 11) Appendix For example, Alejandro has decided to start a micro-lending firm in his native country of Mexico.


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