What Is A Problem Solution Essay

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Point out the negative effects of the issue, how big is their scale, who or what is prone to their influence.

A brief account of the development of the problem through time may also be included.

Among the dangers of ignoring this matter could be, on an individual level, a failure mentality in an person as the result of inability to perform well at the job they don't like; dissatisfaction with life; and on a mass level - overall productivity of a country is lower than it could be, because one's interest in an activity, even if it's a job, is not that high when they feel out of place.

If your essay is more informative than persuasive, you can enumerate many or even all solutions that could possibly work.

If your essay is more persuasive than informative, then out of numerous solutions, choose the ones that are reasonably most effective.

Or, you might come up with a solution that is new, overlooked, or underestimated.Any measures to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem may also be mentioned.With the career crisis example, a solution can be to encourage aspirations of children at school, have seminars with parents about this issue, talk about the illusive nature of prestige, launch more government-sponsored platforms that support inventive initiatives of people who are more inclined to do creative jobs but feel like there’s no future for them, et cetera.The main highlight of your problem solution paper is the goal it seeks to achieve, and this goal has to be clear-cut and transparent, starting with the introduction to the essay.Problem and solution essay structure shares its main features with other types of essays while adjusting the general template to its particular tone at the same time.Try not to be too general and dry with your language, express yourself in a manner that brings the attention of the reader to specific aspects of the problem/solution and is thought-provoking.In a way, your writing may serve to wake the readers up, encourage them to take action, or bring in a good hope for resolution.You also have to provide necessary evidence and substantiate the benefits of the solutions you present and their advantages over other kinds of approach.Solutions can be grouped based on the type of action that is required to carry them out: It is possible that a few types of solution to the problem will be needed for complete recovery of the situation, applied either simultaneously or each in its own time.As with most of other types of essay, a problem-solution essay can be more informative or more persuasive - the writer is focused either on educating the reader and providing them useful solutions, or on having the reader realize the importance of your arguments in order to initiate the change, respectively.The spirit of your essay should specifically match your audience so that it really can get through to them.


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