What Are The Possible Questions In A Thesis Defense

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I didn’t come up with any of these and I’ve used TM: where I added my 2c worth.

I just copy-pasted them into a Word document as I was reading the various resources.it was just for my own sake at the beginning.

Rather, rehearse answers to the questions: “What is your thesis about, what are the major contributions and what have you done that merits a Ph D? [TM:] In my case my supervisor had asked me to prepare a 20 minute ‘overview’ of my work and that’s exactly what the Chair asked me to do during the oral, but this may not be the case for everyone.

My suggestion is that you try to publish at least 3 papers in international peer-reviewed and ISI-indexed [TM: or Pubmed indexed if you are in the medical field] journals while in the process of conducting your experiments.

It is wonderful to absorb that in your enterprise to complete a research paper, you tend to neglect other options that could have been more worthwhile.

It is also taken that you may have accidentally bypassed a few of those options even if you don’t accept that premise.Some of them may feel it is necessary to maintain their image as senior scholars and founts of wisdom.Judicious use of the “Good question”, “Yes, you’re right of course”, “Good idea..” and “Thanks for that” will allow that with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of time for champagne drinking. It flatters the asker and may get him/her onside, or less offside; it gives you time to think; it implies that you have understood the question and assessed it already and that you have probably thought about it before.You should be able to produce on demand (say) a one minute speech and a five minute speech, and be prepared to extend them if invited by further questions.Do not try to recite your abstract: written and spoken styles should be rather different.Faced with a strong thesis, examiners will tend to approach the viva with a view to extending that work and publishing the results.A good thesis will not be penalised even if the oral defence isn’t up to scratch.Lastly, you may have ended up on this post because you are almost done and looking at defending your work.However, if you still have a bit of time, and I were to select just one suggestion/tip/piece of advice for a successful Ph D, it will be PUBLISH, PUBLISH, PUBLISH.Once you make it to the defence, there are practically only two reason that may stop the committee from giving a final pass: So unless you are guilty of one of the above 2 item, there is really nothing to worry about.I knew all this before my defence, and I was still as intense the day before the defence as I ever was.


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