What Are The Connections Between Critical Thinking And Creativity

What Are The Connections Between Critical Thinking And Creativity-46
Youth may be involved in some or all aspects of critical thinking in their summer jobs and internships.For example, a student intern may be entering data for a research project and may help to analyze and interpret data as part of the larger project.Your group has generated a variety of creative ideas and you are now ready to evaluate the ideas and develop a plan.

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As such, the connection between critical thinking and creativity is related to the ability of the individual to marshal the various creative ideas that are generated during the creative process until the individual is able to select the best path to follow in order to arrive at a desired outcome.

The common link between critical thinking and creativity is the generation of ideas and the selection of the most likely path to lead to an end product the individual hopes to achieve.

Now you will apply critical thinking to assess the ideas, considering your goals and criteria for success, including taste, visual appeal, cost, safety (including potential food allergies) and likely customer satisfaction.

Or, for example, you are working on park maintenance during the summer and you have limited time to spend working on a particular section of the park.

Are there any measurements or data collection methods that can you develop? Like creative thinking, critical thinking can be applied in “smaller” everyday decision making and in “bigger” decisions about projects, policies, business ideas, etc.

What Are The Connections Between Critical Thinking And Creativity Party Planning Business Names

For example, you are working in a culinary arts program, and have thought of several creative new ingredients that you might add to a recipe.Creative thinking expands possibilities — creativity is used to generate new ideas, “break out of the box” and think of new ways to do things.New ideas may be small or large, radically different or just a slightly fresh approach.Do you see a connection between creativity and critical thinking? What tips can you share for teaching others how to use critical thinking skills? These three facts, taken together, represent serious obstacles to essential, long-term institutional change, for only when administrative and faculty leaders grasp the nature, implications, and power of a robust concept of critical thinking — as well as gain insight into the negative implications of its absence — are they able to orchestrate effective professional development.Another example of the link between critical thinking and creativity may also be seen in other creative endeavors, such as the creation of a play or movie script.The creation of the various characters as well as the choice of names, locations and words for the characters requires the application of critical thinking in addition to the creativity.Critical thinking may be defined as making decisions based on objective information, decision making criteria, logical thinking and common sense.To be an effective critical thinker you must understand: 1.) Goals – what are you trying to achieve?The process of critical thinking is one that is based on the utilization of the cognition to perform a constructive analysis on a list of possibilities with the aim of eliminating the unlikely or less likely ones until only the best choice out of the various possibilities is left.Creativity is something that is inherent in an individual, meaning that is flows from the inside to the outside in torrents, based on the level of inspiration the individual may be undergoing at any given moment.


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