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Wharton Mba Essays 2012-20
I applied for my Booth interview right away and was paired with an alumnus within 24-48 hours, just as their admissions website promised; 1.The night prior to my scheduled interview, I got a buddy of mine who is a recent JD/MBA graduate of and alumni interviewer for The University of Chicago to give me a mock interview.

I hope to see you at admit weekend along with the other members of our awesome discussion group! Whether in a room of 200 or a small group of 6, my cover has been blown by exactly one person every single time. DISCLAIMER: Out of respect for both Wharton and Booth, I’ve chosen not to go into too much detail about exactly what was said during each interview (so don’t ask. It might not increase one’s chances even one bit; however, for a person like me who presents better in person than on paper, its a dream.

Wharton’s New Team-Based Discussion is a Hit It’s also very smart on Wharton’s part.

I guess we’ll find out how “constructive” that feedback was come mid-December.

Wharton Interview Recap The Wharton School provided only two interview options for US candidates: Their main campus in Philadelphia or their West Coast E-MBA campus in San Francisco.

I loitered in and around the building for a good number of hours (I had convinced myself that I would blog and get other work done while waiting. I toggled between reviewing my team-based discussion information from the invite email and watching Wharton videos on You Tube).

When it was showtime, I went back upstairs (I had been up and down all day.

Not a Clear Read While very polite, my interviewer was not easy to read. I got lots of behavioral questions peppered with interpersonal and “get to know you” probes that came in the midst of deceivingly random small talk as we navigated the meeting place.

I was comfortable with what was being asked of me and did not trip up or get stumped by any of the questions.

My friend took it kind of easy on me, asking some basic behavioral questions coupled with the standard goals/why MBA/why now/why Booth questions. My interviewer chose a fairly laid back meeting place.

I blocked out my schedule for that day and made sure to arrive with about a 30 minute lead on our appointment–half of which I burned up finding parking blocks away and then walking to the establishment.


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