Weather Writing Paper

For one thing, the weather can actually be an incredibly tedious subject (I’m British so I ought to know! Extremes of weather are exciting, sure, but most days are anything but extreme.But having two characters in a novel chat about unremarkable weather, or having the narrator describe a perfectly ordinary rain shower, say, can send the reader straight to sleep.

Rite in the Rain notebooks use an innovative All-Weather writing paper that repels water, allowing for legible writing in any environment.

Perfect if you're learning about the weather as a topic, and we've got lined and handwriting lined versions to choose from too...

Our story papers are designed to encourage children's creativity by providing pictures to spark off the writing process!

There's plenty of space to describe what happens in the water cycle on this story paper - and we've got both lined and handwriting versions to suit different ages and abilities.

We also have two black and white versions if you'd prefer to colour in the picture too...


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