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The three coffins are quite different in their physical composition and length.

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He did away with over a thousand years of traditional Egyptian religion and forced people to change the way they worshiped.

He even built a new capital city in honor of the god Aten called Amarna.

Another theory on Tutankhamun's death suggests that he was murdered by General Horemheb, a man of low birth who became one of Akhenaten's closest advisors.

Under Tutankhamun, he was appointed commander-in-chief of the army and deputy of the king.

esearchers continue to investigate the cause of Tutankhamun's premature death.

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Bob Brier, a mummy specialist from Long Island University, has been tracking down clues that indicate Tutankhamun may have been killed by his elderly chief advisor and successor, Ay.Such bold and piercing eyes immediately capture the viewer and portray Tut with both beauty and authority.Then, beneath the head of each casket is the similar layout of the body.Tutankhamen's popularity, among his people, grew rapidly over the next ten years.However, many coveted this position as King and considered themselves fortunate for not having to be concerned about competing with an heir. Then, somewhere between the ages of the eighteen and twenty, Tutankhamen died, leaving his empire in a state of shock and depression.The head of each is also crowned with the presence of the vulture goddess, Nekhbet, and the image of the divine cobra, Buto.However, one of the most captivating details of the coffins is the black eyes and eyebrows that stand out of each face.The arms of this representation of King Tut lie parallel to his body and are bent at the elbows.The forearms are folded across the upper abdomen and lie left over the right.An X-ray of his skull revealed a calcified blood clot at its base.This could have been caused by a blow from a blunt implement, which eventually resulted in death.


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