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The problem with getting our history from literary sources is that when Homer first recited his Iliad he was actually trying to entertain, so all of the information might not be accurate, although based on actual events.

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So finally, someone suggested that the three goddesses should let a mortal choose; Priam's son, Paris, was designated to cho...

There has been no direct answer to the above question.

As a form of appreciation, she made the most beautiful woman, Helen fall in love with Paris. Helen was married to Menelaus who was the King of Sparta.

This made Agamemnon, the King's brother fight Paris in a battle that lasted ten years. They built a huge wooden horse that thirty soldiers could fit in.

When the apple rolled in and the inscription was read Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite all felt that she, respectively, was the most beautiful and should get the apple.

All three goddesses begged of the gathered gods to choose, but all of the gods refused to make an enemy of the other two that he did not choose.

The various pieces of evidence, both written and archaeological provide substantial reasoning for the existence of a war occurring in Troy during the 13th century.

However, modern historians can never be completely sure that the story that Homer provided in the Iliad was precise due to the holes that appear in the story and the evidence.

First, the Greek myth that most people have given credit for the history of how the Trojan War started: A sea nymph, Thetis, was getting married to Peleus, a mortal.

All of the gods and goddesses were invited to this great wedding, except Eris, a rather unpopular goddess.


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