Was Germany To Blame For The Outbreak Of Ww1 Essay

Was Germany To Blame For The Outbreak Of Ww1 Essay-82
The Schilffen Plan also had a certain role in Germany causing the outbreak of WW1.The Kaiser was naïve in his predictions about their attacks.The gun boat, 'panther' was sent to the port of Agadir in South Morocco on the 1st of July initially to protect German citizens, however it was later proved by means of a petition, this was given on the request of the Foreign Office.

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Many Historians argue that the schliffen plan: the German battle plan that laid out the precautions that Germany would take, if France and Russia were to fight Germany simultaneously was a key area that contributed to the evidence that Germany was to blame for the war as this plan was a offensive plan, therefore this indicates that 9 years before the start of the war Germany was already coming to terms with the likely hood of war.

The plan had been drawn up by Cont Alfred Von Schliffen who became increasingly worried about 'encirclement' as friendship between Russia to the East and France to the West, was seen as an attempt to 'surround' and threaten Germany.

An agreement was reached on the 4th of November that stated France was to have free land in Morocco and German too received sections of the French Congo, as well as two areas connecting to Cameroon's, with the Congo and Ubangi River.

Germany's success convinced the Kaiser that the way to success was through military affairs.

From the onset of the 20th century Germany had expected and stated planning for a future War against France.

Germany had already stated increasing its arms spending by three hundred and fifty percent since 1870.

The Great War was caused by countless reasons and the extent to which these reasons were caused Germany depends on what actions the German leaders and ministers engaged in, to the lead up of 1914.

We must consider Germany's lust for European domination, their entangled web of alliances, there strong sense of militarism, imperialism and nationalism which lead to many short term crises when we conclude that Germany was mainly responsible for the outbreak of the Great War.

This is evident from some forty-four years before the start of the Great War; where Prussia, the leading state in Germany fought against France.

The French where quickly defeated by Germany, and had to accept the peace treaty which gave Germany Alsace-Lorraine, rich in coal and iron.


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