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Tell us about your dream job or dream employer at this point in your life?As I am extremely passionate about payments technology, my dream job would be to develop payments strategy for a major financial firm.

Because of this significant achievement, I won a prestigious CEO award.

This experience gave me confidence in my ability to turnaround tough situations into successful outcomes, further I look back at this achievement and feel so gratified that I had delivered something that is for a noble cause to help millions of customers save their money from card fraud.

Besides the general courses on offer I was drawn by the Leadership Plus module that runs across two terms and focuses on developing the leadership aspect of an individual, which is the key area that I would like to advance.

While my motivation for enrolling in the WBS MBA is to obtain a competitive advantage, I was very much drawn by the rich Warwick network of 37,000 alumni spread over 140 countries which provides me the opportunity to tap into this network to leverage for my own career advantage and to truly broaden my business skills and knowledge base.

My parents have also contributed towards the financial sector for more than 3 decades in India, thus my hereditary basis is sound within this field.

I have always enjoyed my time doing fitness training, have travelled far and wide, played golf, swam, danced, and read books in my leisure time.I’m specifically drawn to the WBS MBA program for its unique program experience, brand image and relatively smaller class size compared to other schools.Also, the wide range of experienced cohort means a diverse spectrum of experience that provides opportunities to learn from each other.Naveen Chilakamarri Warwick Business school Describe yourself in 15 words or less: An avid traveler with a passion & curiosity to learn, explore and discover new things.Hometown: Sydney, Australia Fun Fact About Yourself: Though having never trained in football, I was drafted into my school football team by chance and made a goal at a critical time, eventually helping my school to win inter-school football competition.(An Executive MBA in Warwick Business School Admission/Application Essay, n.d.) An Executive MBA in Warwick Business School Admission/Application Essay.Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/business/1554205-why-you-want-to-join-the-warwick-mba-please-explain-your-principal-reasons-for-wishing-to-join-the-warwick-mba-describe-your-career-aspirations-the-contribution-you-will-make-to-the-programmeplease-limit-your-answer-to-500-words (An Executive MBA in Warwick Business School Admission/Application Essay) An Executive MBA in Warwick Business School Admission/Application Essay.The project complexities tested my problem-solving abilities and leadership skills in a team environment.By creating a collaborative environment, setting expectations and recognising the team’s achievements, I was able to build a great rapport with the team, resulting in building a highly efficient and motivated team that delivered Australia’s first credit card security innovation that eventually helped to save millions of dollars in card fraud.Undergraduate School and Major: Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: In 2013, I was entrusted by the senior leadership team at Commonwealth Bank of Australia to manage an in-flight multimillion dollars’ project that had no room for failure.A disengaged project team that was reluctant to embrace new leadership made my job very tough.


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