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The Seiko watch is a prized gift I received from my parents as a present on my eleventh birthday.

The Seiko watch is a prized gift I received from my parents as a present on my eleventh birthday.It is gold-plated and oval in shape with a delicate chain attached to hold it secure around my wrist.This was a gift from my grandmother on my fourteenth birthday.

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Although I can’t remember the name of my team, however, I do remember our purple T-shirts and the amount of pride I felt when I pulled it over my head.

I pulled my ball out of my bag and began doing things I had seen the guys on TV doing, but after miserable attempts at dribbling, juggling, and shooting, my confidence had taken a hit for the worst.

I saw a couple of friends from school and engaged in some small talk hoping to distract my body from the butterflies in my stomach.

The nerves were to be expected as there is always an additional pressure with your dad as your coach, especially after everything he had accomplished in his career.

Looking back now I can’t help thinking how silly I must have looked getting so excited over a $5 soccer ball that can be found at any sporting goods store.

Fast forward to the start of the AYSO season, my family arrives at Montessori Elementary School with 10 minutes to spare before registration.I was quite content to leave it unopened and continue playing with all my other gifts but my mom assured me that it would be worth the five seconds of effort.Reluctantly I peeled back the two layers of wrapping paper and immediately I felt a smile crawl onto my face.It is the highway of commerce and it is a danger and a nuisance.” The commerce, in this case, as well as the danger and the nuisance, is the lucrative and illegal trade in opium.Opium, grown in India and transported via the East India Company, arrives in China to be traded for tea, which is sent to stimulate and comfort English textile workers, who produce cotton goods -- the cotton is grown by black slaves -- for India.My prized possession was and still is my first soccer ball, which is currently in a box at my house buried underneath god knows what.Funny because that is exactly how I was reunited with it last year after re visiting my house in California for the first time in three years.The watch I use daily in school as I need it to tell the time but I take care not to handle it roughly or remove it from my wrist.All these three possessions bring back happy memories and they are a symbol of the love and affection of my parents and grandmother.I didn’t know how or when I would get all my equipment, although that isn’t the biggest concern in a 7 year olds mind.However, my birthday had just passed and there was still one unopened gift from my Aunt Amanda.


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