Vaginal Prothesis

These are some of the more common problems women notice after cancer and cancer treatment.

We also have some tips on what can be done to help with them.

But because estrogens can promote cancers of the breast, uterus, and possibly the ovaries, and cause other health problems, too, providers are less likely to prescribe them.

Some women who have vaginal dryness can now use tiny doses of estrogen in gels, creams, rings, or tablets by putting them right into the vagina.

Vaginal moisturizers are designed to help keep your vagina moist and at a more normal acid balance (p H) for up to 2 to 3 days.

Vaginal moisturizers are applied at bedtime for the best absorption.Petroleum jelly (Vaseline), skin lotions, and other oil-based lubricants are not good choices for vaginal lubrication.In some women, they may raise the risk of yeast infection.Cancer treatments often reduce the amount of lubricant produced in your vagina when you are excited.You may need extra lubrication to make sex comfortable.It’s important that any woman taking hormone therapy be checked each year by her provider.If your provider does not advise hormones for you, hot flashes can also be treated in other ways, such as by taking medicines that control the nervous system’s reaction to a lack of estrogen.If you use a vaginal lubricant, choose a water-based gel that has no perfumes, coloring, spermicide, or flavors added, as these chemicals can irritate your delicate genital tissues.Lubricants can usually be found near the birth control or feminine hygiene products in drug stores or grocery stores. Be aware that some of the newer lubricant products include herbal extracts (such as aloe or lavender), which may cause irritation or allergic reactions in some people.Some women may be less interested in sex, though the decreased interest may be linked more to stress and poor sleep than to a shortage of hormones.Still, hormone changes are the most common cause of sex problems after treatment.


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