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This will help make sure your point was made and avoid spelling/grammar errors you may have overlooked.They want to know that you care about things outside of your immediate focus.In this case, you’ll express why you want to continue learning more about that interest.

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Be sure to showcase your individuality and your open-mindedness.

Once you’ve written your personal statement, be sure to have someone read through and edit your response.

Telling a short story behind your interest will help you effectively use more of your 250-word limit.

The audience sat still as I stuttered through my introduction, approaching the lavish grand piano for my freshman-year recital.

Pick your most poignant experience and make a story out of it.

Help the reader to experience your challenge just as you were experiencing it.

Having more than one interest makes you a more well-rounded person on a personal level, and it can help you on a professional/academic level as well.

If you can’t think of a particular interest that would be completely new to you, consider a topic outside your academic focus that you want to become better versed in.

We value students who make us think….”Once you have generated a list of experiences, pick the one you feel offers the deepest experience with diversity in your life.

Reflect on this experience and discuss how it affected you in a positive way.


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