Unit 1 Assignment 2 Personal Communication Ethics Statement

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This could mean having less time to help their child succeed in school, causing the child to get poor grades.

Conflict Theory Conflict Theory is heavily focused on inequality in many aspects of society.

A story of a teacher who is also a refugee could be told using the symbolic-interactionist approach, and discussion of issues such as institutionalised racism could be conducted on the basis of this case study.

The functional approach could be used in schools to discuss the opposition of the English government to allow the use of first languages in our schools (no bilingual programmes here!

Question 3 Schools, particularly in terms of race and classes can be easily studied using Marx’s conflict theory ideas.

For instance, the achievement of black and ethnic minority groups vs white community pupils can be analysed using his approach - in England, less than 30 professors at our universities are black.

The three major theoretical paradigms could be used to look at inequality by seeing how people from different socioeconomic backgrounds are treated within the public school systems (SIT), seeing what police brutality crimes have been seen between individuals of authority and civilians from different races (CT), and see how communication has evolved between individuals of different races in politics (SInteraction T).

Personal trouble of experiencing an eating disorder would need to be examined through the eye of someone who has actually had a disorder of that type.

They may have been influenced by the world of fashion and the skinny models that fill every beauty magazine and walk every runway.

Each day we are faced with these in-your-face influences and it’s hard to ignore them if we are not satisfied with ourselves and our outward appearance.


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