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This experiment has been tested in the past, and nearly all results ended the same. Plants exposed to more soothing types of music, such as classical and calm instrumentals tend to grow better than plants that are exposed to more wild genres of music. Conclusions: After examining the evidence, one can conclude that plants which are exposed to classical music fare better than plants which are exposed to hardcore music, or plants with no music exposure at all.

It can also believed, because of the all around poor condition of the plants after experimentation, including the control group, that the results may have been affected by the abnormally cold whether experienced during the testing period.

Acknowledgments: I would like to acknowledge my mother, Theresa Boatright, for all of her help in conducting this experiment and in helping me attain the materials needed to conduct this experiment.

Plants exposed to classical music look slightly healthier and have more flower blooms than do the plants exposed to hardcore music, though not much.

The control group is also faring better than the plants exposed to hardcore music, but not as well as the classical group.

After examining the evidence, one can conclude that plants which are exposed to classical music grow better and are healthier than plants which are exposed to hardcore music, or to no music at all.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Number Abstract1 Question3 Variables3 Hypothesis3 Background Research3 Materials3 Procedures3 Data4 Table4 Graph5 Conclusions5 Acknowledgments6 Bibliography6Question: Do Different Music Genres Affect Plant Growth Variables: The independent variables were both music genres, Classical and Hardcore.

The dependent variable was the plant growth after being exposed to their respective music types.

The control group was a group of the exact same type of flower, but with no exposure to music.

Abstract Danielle Fraser; Clay High School The title of this project is “Do Different Music Genres Affect Plant Growth?

” The purpose is to test how different music genres affect plant growth.


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