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back to top Provide feedback on students essays before the start of this session.As students complete their essays, they should prepare to record them.Have students work in pairs to practice reading the essays aloud.They will therefore move back and forth between the revising stage and the practice stage.It is not uncommon for students who think that they are finished to go back to their essay and fine tune it.Encourage students to make revisions to their writing as they practice reading it.Students whose parents have asked that they not post on the blog should complete Steps 1 to 4.Distribute Things I Have Learned About Life (see Preparation, Step 3) to students.Students should read silently and choose two statements that they either agree with or understand.If they need help in narrowing the statements, have them talk with a partner about what each statement means to them and the story behind the statement.Explain to them that they probably want to choose the statement about which they have the most to say.


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