Thinking Critically By John Chaffee

Thinking Critically By John Chaffee-50
Organized by questions central to the main branches of philosophy, REVEL for The Philosopher’s Way examines the ideas of philosophers past and present.

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Admittedly, I hoped that viewing it within the context of the course might elicit a similar response from my students. Chaffee posits that the major influences on thinking are people, knowledge, and experiences.

Because of my background, I add media as another major influence.

In the first, knowledge is provided by authorities, such as parents, teachers, clergy, etc.

At this stage the word of the authority is accepted as truth and not questioned.

The Philosopher's Way inspires students to think like a philosopher, helping them become more accomplished critical thinkers and develop the analytical tools needed to think philosophically about important issues.

This text features readings from major philosophical texts and commentary to guide students in their understanding of the topics.

The thinker questions authority and acknowledges differences of opinion in the second stage of do thinkers use evidence to analyze, question, and evaluate opinions so that they can make informed decisions about what is true.

We also discussed Chaffee’s 10 qualities of critical thinkers, which includes being knowledgeable, open-minded, creative, self-aware, and passionate.

As part of the foundation for understanding the text, we discussed the influence of values, morals, and ethics on thinking as well.

To consider how beliefs dictate behavior, it is important for students to examine how individual values shared by a group form morals that establish the ethics that eventually govern the group.


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