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We were baby-faced, long-distance college sweethearts. " My internal response: I can't wait to hit "delete friend! If you think to yourself, “that person is inconsiderate for blasting his stereo and his choice of music is terrible”, you will probably get annoyed.

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I was all about hitting our marriage milestones at pre-determined times until secondary infertility harshly interrupted our plans.

All of us have been annoyed by someone else at some point in our lives.

When that happens, we are at the mercy of others and allow them to affect us negatively.

Trying to change someone rarely works, as we all know. We only have power over ourselves and, specifically our thoughts and reaction. Very often, the other person does not intend to annoy us.

That person is acting in a way that is normal to him or her.

When we think that person should not act in that way and view ourselves as being better than him, we then have expectations and get all riled up.

In many cases, the only thing you can do is to change your thoughts.

Another important point is that other people in themselves are not annoying.

If we get annoyed a lot, it can ruin our day and our mood.

So what is the best way to deal with people who annoy us?


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