Thesis Wireless Lan Security

Thesis Wireless Lan Security-29
Introduction Wireless networks have grown in popularity.

Introduction Wireless networks have grown in popularity.This is largely due to the increase in the value of a network as more users are attached to it.

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However, with home networks and students networks you can do this yourself, but remember that in this case you are always responsible for data security and abuse.

During its short history, WLAN has improved in many problematic fields, like device incompatibility, transmission capacity, interference and finally expenses and pricing.

Many of the risks and concerns are shared across technologies.

In order to provide even a brief overview of each technology, topography, and the risks inherent to each would require a document far larger than is specified for this project.

Therefore, this document will focus on the 802.11 standard as used in the PAN and LAN topographies. Types of Wireless Networks [4] The Wireless Market ?

Over the past ten years or so an alternative to wired LAN structures has evolved in the form of the Wireless LAN.The first generation Wireless LAN products, operating in unlicensed 900-928 MHz Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) band, with low range and throughput offering (500 Kbps), subjected to interference came to market with few successes in some applications.But they enjoyed reputation of being inexpensive due to break through development in semiconductor technologies, on the other hand the band become crowded with other products with in short period of time leaving no room for further development.Network security can be improved with ease by optimizing device settings. using DHCP may help attackers to find permitted IP -addresses.Firstly, all WLAN gadgets should use some kind of wireless traffic scrambling. Ready-made user names and passwords should be changed as soon as possible.thesis guidance and thesis help in network security from networking experts.Techsparks offer thesis and research help in network security topics. Wireless technologies cover a broad range of differing capabilities oriented toward Wireless network securityfree download In recent years, wireless local area network (WLAN) protocols or solutions have become much more affordable and user-friendly.As alternatives or extensions to wired networks they can provide more flexibility and mobility.Following links introduce some useful and proper security solutions for WLAN users.Perfection of protection against unauthorized use of connection or data leakage also demands e.g.


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