Thesis Statements On The Cons Of Marijuana

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In drug-policy circles, he says, Kleiman is known as a prodigious generator of unorthodox solutions: “Not all of these ideas turn out to work in practice, but a lot of what happens in the whole field is Mark throws out an idea and then we all investigate it, check it, respond to it.” Kleiman has never been married and has no children, which allows him to crisscross the country, bestowing policy advice, most often on matters of criminal justice.

This year, he is on track to hit a hundred thousand miles.

Washington and Colorado have launched a singular experiment.

The Netherlands tolerates personal use of marijuana, but growing or selling the drug is still illegal.

In late August, after months of silence, the Department of Justice announced that it will not intervene to halt the initiatives in Washington and Colorado.

Instead, it will adopt a “trust but verify” approach, permitting the states to police the new market for the drug.

They were to be paid two hundred and ninety-two dollars an hour.

In the spring and summer, Kleiman’s team engaged in the often surreal enterprise of conducting market research on a black market: producing reports on the number of active marijuana users in each county; estimating how many retail cannabis outlets would be needed to serve that population; assessing how various tax schemes might affect the price of the drug.

morning in August, Mark Kleiman, a professor of public policy at U. Kleiman is one of the country’s most prominent and outspoken analysts of drug policy, and for three decades he has argued that America’s cannabis laws must be liberalized.

A., addressed the Seattle city council on the subject of marijuana.


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