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Some believe that it is Creon because he also has the characteristics of a tragic hero.

Others believe that it is Antigone because the play bears her name.

[tags: Antigone] - The hubris resonating throughout the play, ‘Antigone’ is seen in the characters of Creon and Antigone.

Their pride causes them to act impulsively, resulting in their individual downfalls.

[tags: Oedipus, Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone] - Ismene is a character in the play “Antigone”, written by the ancient Greek playwright Sophocles. Her sister is known as Antigone, and she also had two brothers by the names of Polyneices and Eteocles.

Ismene plays an important role in this particular play.Antigone is a tragic Sophoclean play, which portray two great examples for a tragic hero.I believe Creon and Antigone, the main characters of the play to be tragic heroes.Antigone pleads Ismene to help her bury their brother Polyneices, who has just been recently killed, but Ismene refuses to help her sister to stay out of trouble.Ismene fears that the king of Thebes, Creon, would catch them....Sophocles, in his play Antigone tries to portray just that in his characters Ismene and Antigone.However, the characters portray these ancient values in starkly different ways.Ismene refused to disobey the king which is also their Uncle Creon, and she failed to talk Antigone out of doing the act herself."Consider, sister, how our father died,/hated and infamous; how he brought to light/his own offenses..[tags: antigone] - At the beginning of the play, Antigone brought Ismene outside the city gates at night for a top secret meeting.Antigone wanted to bury her brother Polyneices' body because even though he died in dishonor he was her brother.


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    Justification of Creon in Antigone by Sophocles Antigone is a tragic play written by Sophocles in about 441b.c. The play is a continuation of the curse put upon the household of Oedipus Rex. Sophocles actually wrote this play before he wrote Oedipus, but it follows Oedipus in chronological order.…

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    Antigone – Justice Essay. An example of such a situation is present in the Ancient Greek tragedy, written by Sophocles, “Antigone”. In the play the decree given out by the new king Creon only served himself as it makes it illegal for Ismene and Antigone to burry and honor the brother, Polynices for the very last time.…

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    Creon as Tragic Hero of Sophocles' Antigone There has always been a bit of confusion as to the tragic hero of the Greek Drama Antigone. Many assume that simply because the play is named for Antigone, that she is the tragic hero. However, evidence supports that Creon, and not Antigone, is the tragic hero of the play.…

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    Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #4 The Individual Versus the State in Antigone The role of the individual in Antigone is very important. Obviously, Antigone herself is a strong individual character, who is not willing to allow her brother to be dishonored, no matter what the cost is to her own body.…

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    The following thesis statement once upon a time served me well A major theme of Antigone is the conflict between religious law and man-made law.…

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    A defensible thesis statement could be Antigone is a proto-feminist heroine whose execution in a male-dominated culture was inevitable. Ismene is conventional, obedient to authority, and incapable of the independent thought and boldness that Antigone possesses, seen clearly in her line "We are only women, We cannot fight with men, Antigone!".…

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    He won't allow Antigone or anyone. Here's a possible thesis statement you could use Antigone is justified in defying Creon, because doing the right thing is ultimately more important than obeying unjust laws. Sometimes it's necessary for brave people to stand up and defy unjust laws. That's what Antigone does.…

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