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Military invaded Panama to seize Manuel Noriega in 1989, who was then imprisoned for drug trafficking.

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The government has weighed in the pros and cons of the matter.

The pros on the war on drugs are looked in the sociological importance of continuing the crusade.

Presidents Ford and Carter expanded Nixon’s resolve when they focused the war by attacking the supply lines of drugs.

Reagan followed through by militarising and launching strikes to suppliers and drug cartels and tripling its funds in drug eradication.

Therefore, putting traffickers behind bars is part of the literature of war.

When they’re shut out, drug availability is reduced; and so when you decrease the availability of drugs, abuse goes down too. government directs its efforts in purging all supply lines and drug cartels to stop the availability of drugs. war on drugs spread like wildfire reminding that this is not just one countries war, the problem of drugs is a global human problem that everyone should take seriously.

The War on Drugs went on for years with the United States running a foreign policy that “sought to encourage, persuade, bribe, or coerce its neighbouring countries” (Ibid) to join them in their giant crusade against drugs. War on Drugs became a media maelstrom in the mid-80s when basketball stat Len Bias died of cocaine overdose. government started to use military and intelligence forces in the war against drugs.

South American countries mostly supported this war because this increased their chances to receive U. What followed was the signing of the Drug Policy known as the Anti-Drug Abuse Act that placed the problem of drugs as a national security problem. What started as a metaphor actually escalated into reality when the US.

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