Thesis Statement For Global Warming Essay

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There is no debate within the scientific community.The scientific evidence of the global warming is clear.Here are some important facts of global warming causes, impacts, and solutions that will help you write a persuasive essay.

We should stop deforestations, reduce carbon emissions, and fight misinformation.

People should be prepared for the inevitable consequences of the global warming.

The climatologist made this comment during an experiment during which she found an area under experiment having dropped by about one foot due to melting.

There are a number of other negative effects of global warming.

Other green house gases include methane and nitrous oxide.

The term greenhouse is used because these gases usually trap heat within the atmosphere making it warmer than it would be without such gases.The consequences of this global problem will only intensify if we do not confront the realities of climate change.Mankind should achieve some meaningful solutions in order to address the threat of global warming.The most noticeable change of the average global climate is the increase in temperatures with values of approximately 0.750C.This increase in average global temperatures has occurred within the last one century starting from 1906.Global warming can do more than just melt polar ice and change weather patterns throughout the world.It can change our maps, displace people from tropical islands and cities, and cause famine.These gases are introduced by human beings into the atmosphere through ways such as emissions from combustion processes that use fossil fuels.Of these gases from combustion, carbon dioxide has the worst effects in terms of global warming.Actually, these business people have had to device artificial means of slowing down the melting of the glacier.They custom made huge blankets that cover approximately 15 acres to protect the glacier from the increasing temperatures. One climatologist noted that the rate at which glaciers on the Alps are losing mass was much higher than in the past.


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