Thesis Statement Against Gun Control

under 5%; accidental death are almost exclusively handguns).To put this in context, there are somewhere around 5,000,000 AR style rifles in circulation, meaning in any given year, there is (at most) about 1 murder per 20,161 AR rifles in 2014.

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What if [the Las Vegas murdered] instead of buying a bunch of AR’s instead rented a Beechcraft Barron 58 (or something much larger, I’m not a plane guy), filled it up that barrels of gasoline and flew into an NFL stadium or concert full of people, something it seems he had every capability of doing? If there had been, and the government banned private aircraft and you could no longer fly, wouldn’t that piss you off?

You are now prevented from doing something you love (and you only do it because you love it, there is no economic case to be made for private planes) because some evil act committed by someone unknown to you.

To give you an example of why the gun people disagree with you, consider something you do enjoy: Flying.

Most people who shoot AR’s view it like you view flying—something that they enjoy; the act of going to the range and shooting targets or “plinking” cans at home or whatever, is just an activity they like to do.

I realize that these stats are not apples to apples and if you include suicides and accidental deaths the AR might be as deadly or more deadly than private planes (although on a per unit basis, I would say owning a plane is far likelier to kill someone than owning an AR).

But imagine if the government took these statistics and banned private planes and non-commercial aircraft. I’m sure you can come up with all kinds of reasons why flying is important and useful and banning planes would be a complete over-reaction, but I can also point out that the vast majority of people don’t fly private planes and do just fine (plus you destroy the environment and suck up gobs of government money with regional airports and below market landing fees).It's part of the failure to make people take responsibility for their actions that is condoned by politicians and media both.To truly fix societies problems is our greatest challenge, using a type of firearm to blame ALL societies ills is not going to solve anything. People need to think for themselves, the most underused human organ these days is the brain To the reader’s last point I say: Amen.***A different kind of argument comes from a reader who contrasts my enthusiasm, as a small-plane pilot, for the “right to fly,” with my skepticism of AR-15 owners’ right to enjoy, use, or even possess their weapons.***I appreciate the reader laying it out in this detail.Here are two obvious differences in the plane-versus-AR-15 comparison, from my (no doubt biased) point of view: Number 1: small airplanes kill a lot of people, but .Again, lets compare it to flying, something you love.Every year, roughly 400-450 people die in general aviation accidents.Again, I’m sure you don’t see it this way because you see no use to AR rifles.But I see no use to private planes; I think there is no reason for people who are not commercial aircraft carriers to fly, not to mention the vast and ridiculous subsidies private planes receive.By contrast, there are roughly 210,000 private planes, so that would equal 1 death per 525 planes.So from a purely statistical standpoint, private planes are about 80 times more deadly than AR rifles.


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