Thesis Statement About The Iliad

Thesis Statement About The Iliad-77
Both of these characters portray great strength and heroism as warriors in different ways.

Both of these characters portray great strength and heroism as warriors in different ways.The Iliad can also be seen as a story about Greek culture, but from a Christian perspective, this contradicts Christian views....

Trojan War Thesis Paper From the reading the Trojan War we can see that the Mycenaean people regard themselves as inferior to the gods, and are the gods pawns meant to carry out what they will not do themselves.

Since the Trojan War is a document taken almost entirely from Homer’s Iliad, as well as a variety of poems written around the time, the insecurities of the Mycenaean are clear as they themselves created gods to worship who have little to no respect for the human race.

“If he (Achilles) went to war he was fated to die” (Trojan War 260).

The gods are respected so much by the humans that it was not uncommon for them to sacrifice members of their own race in order to appease the gods.

The characters in the literature sacrifice a lot in their lives in order to go out to war, and both the men and the women suffer unimaginable tragedies in order to live this life of glory....

[tags: Iliad, Homer, Achilles, Trojan War] - The Iliad, one of Homer’s Epics, was written about a ten year war between the city of Troy and the Greek city-states.[tags: Iliad] - Homer’s epic poem The Iliad has various types of characters and theme.The Iliad focuses on two main characters, Achilles and Hector.- Simone Weil argues that the way Homer presents war and the use of force in the Iliad, in all of its brutality, violence, and bitterness bathes the work in the light of love and justice (pg 25).The point Weil is making is that by depicting the suffering of all of these men regardless of their side, or strength Homer equalizes them in a “condition common to all men”(pg 25).Everyday there is always someone or something that just makes you angry. A quick background story of Achilles is when he was a young boy his mother dipped him into the River of Styx....[tags: Homer, Trojan War, Iliad, Odyssey] - There are many running themes in the literary work “The Iliad”, but the one that stands out to me and that caught my attention.Some of the mistakes made by Hollywood are minor details, such as when the Trojans brought the gigantic wooden horse into the city of Troy....[tags: Trojan War, Iliad, Achilles, Odyssey] - Homer is a well-known and glorified enigma.By studying the gods’ treatment of the people we are able to “Father Zeus hung his golden balances and set in one the lot of Hector’s death and in the other that of Achilles. It was appointed that he should die” (Trojan War 273).This interfering and determining of the wars outcome shows us that the Mycenaean people lack confidence and need a god to determine their lives for them.


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