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If you experience any problems with this site, please try using the site with a different browser, or upgrade your current browser to the latest version.biggest tech concepts we take for granted today was essentially unheard of before Facebook launched its Platform 10 years ago.With V1, Facebook lets developers create “canvas applications” within its desktop site.

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We were really just trying to learn what we were doing as we were doing it.” Vora had been working at Microsoft, a more conservative tech titan.

What we think of as the “closed private beta” stage of modern platforms before they launch and open up was how many platforms ran permanently.

A year later, with the launch of the Facebook Connect part of the platform, it posed another peculiar question: If we let people log in elsewhere with their Facebook account and bring along their interests and social graphs, could any website become “social”?

The answers would surprise Facebook’s executives and spawn a legion of new businesses, entrenching the company while changing the internet from a solo experience to a group one.

One where the users were put first, even if it meant sacrificing immediate monetization of its site and the existence of some app makers. No one had built this sort of platform before,” says Ami Vora, a Facebook product director who joined the initial team of five core engineers who had been working on the launch for the first F8 conference.

“We didn’t exactly know what would happen next to the developer community.

Users didn’t have to set up a separate username and password for each service, and they didn’t have to build a unique social graph there.

Meanwhile, the lucrative viral channels helped developers rapidly build their audience as people invited their friends.

Developers could build games and social utilities, or offer a “Profile Box” app that let you spruce up your personal presence on Facebook.

Facebook had dismantled two of the biggest barriers to people trying new web services.


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