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But, because the idea of resistance is the focal point of the argument, I do think that the claim that other women can learn from Grealy and Hooper could be further emphasized.Rather than doing a comparison/contrast of the three texts, this argument draws on Coward to establish an answer to the initial question (“how does capitalist patriarchy maintain control of women?Many papers merely texts in the introduction rather than articulating a specific thesis that makes an argument about those texts.

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Discuss using one essay from Coward or Rapping and two other essays by authors of your choice.

Well, this is a claim, but it’s one that’s kind of hard to disagree with because it’s not very specific; it also doesn’t let me know which essays will be used or how they’re going to fit into the discussion. It’s taking care of the control part of the question pretty quickly and focusing on the resistance part, which is fine—the important thing is that an argument is being made.

I’ve included some commentary on each sample thesis so you can get a sense of what kinds of questions (mostly “why? What behaviors or beliefs do they denaturalize, and what specifically do they hope to accomplish by doing so?

You may also consider negative examples, in which an author fails to denaturalize a behavior or belief that is historically or culturally situated.

Students interested in producing a substantial piece of original research and writing may elect to do a senior honors thesis in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Writing a senior honors thesis allows students to explore a research interest at more length and to produce a substantial analytic paper.

It does not merely summarize the points that will be made; rather, it shows the relationship between those points.

A thesis may need to be more than one sentence in order to do all these things; it may turn out to be a “thesis cluster” rather than a “thesis statement.”As we all know, “construct an argument” is easier said than done.

Our MA programs enable students to develop an excellent range of research skills and knowledge – valuable for those intending to eventually pursue jobs in a vast array of fields such as business, education and government.

Also, they serve as an excellent launching off point for students intending to pursue doctoral studies.


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