Thesis On Traditional Teaching

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Therefore I decided to do my research and an experiment, which I will describe in my thesis.

These days, especially at private schools and language schools, we have great possibilities in what a teacher can do with his or her students, in terms of teaching methods, seating arrangement, visual aids, etc.

However, since the time of our students is precious, one of the teacher s crucial tasks is to compare, analyse and evaluate the methods they use in order to motivate the students and to make the learning as effective as possible.

In my research I focused on some techniques commonly used today and tested them.

I have come to the point where I have to choose to follow either the example of the teachers who I observed at school or the model presented to me at Masaryk University during my studies.

This makes an enormous difference in the approach to the teaching itself and to the students.

I am aware of the fact that methodologies can vary from school to school as well as from teacher to teacher.

I will present the definitions valid throughout my thesis.

This section will also include a discussion in which I will analyse the data collected by the experiment.

In the concluding part, chapter 5, I will summarize the goals I set, review issues in which I did and did not succeed, and highlight the results of my thesis.


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