Thesis On Cinnamon Research

Cinnamon flavored Butter Milk was developed by addition of Cinnamon powder in Butter milk and investigating the proximate quality, textural characteristics, keeping quality and sensory attributes of the developed product.In our study carried out the variation in moisture, protein, fat and ash content, PH , Acidity and Specific Gravity.

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For minerals analysis, the milk solid contents were taken and digested using two volumes of concentrated nitric acid.

After adding one volume of perchloric acid, the contents were heated gently on a hot plate followed by a vigorous heating till dryness.

When compared to normal butter milk (without cinnamon) significant changes were observed in Cinnamon flavored Butter Milk.

The organoleptic studies appearance, color, flavor, taste, mouth feel and overall acceptability were studied and overall acceptability was good for Cinnamon Flavored Butter milk.

The Shelf life of Cinnamon Flavored Butter Milk was better compared to normal buttermilk and recommended for market exploration.

Buttermilk is a one of the mostly used byproduct of the milk which is prepared by churning of cream in butter making process.

This contains lipids, proteins and vitamins which are water soluble [1].

Currently various types of buttermilk preparation methods are available in the world.

Ondaatje wanted to show that love is not always perfect.

Love is a powerful, complex emotion fully able to take on the scent of cinnamon.


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