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The default search gets a unique selector assigned for CSS styling purposes later on.

Most of the function above is output of the search form’s content — in this example, the search form will say — and finally, the submit button is made visible near the end of the long line.

Next is making the search bar match your navigation menu visually.

Most users find CSS relatively simple to experiment with compared to PHP, so while the below search form styling is presented for demonstration purposes, feel free to make adjustments as you see fit.

The information on this page refers to a Thesis version that is now obsolete.

Please visit the Thesis Docs for current documentation.

The text output from the PHP function will read “Search” as the submit button text, and the CSS says to make this white text on a black background, and in all capital letters. Note that nav menus that — prior to adding the search area — already consume most of the potential horizontal space may cause the new search area to “wrap” to another line.

This is, however, no different than adding more tabs.

Using Percentages, as youll notice, for numbers of menu items that dont divide evenly into 100, there will be left over percentages (for example, with 3 menu items 33, your menu items will fill 99 of the menu bar, leaving 1 at the end.

Set this image as a background image in your header_area div.


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