Thesis 5 Introduction

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There will usually be some sort of overall word or page limit set on the length of a thesis or dissertation, sometimes a lower limit that must be met as well as an upper limit that must not be exceeded.

Occasionally, there will also be information on how long each part of the document, such as the introduction, should be, but this is rare.

How Long Should a Dissertation or Thesis Introduction Be?

How long should the introduction to your thesis or dissertation be?

Even more important, however, will be the content you are required to include in your introduction.

Here, too, those guidelines, mentors and successful theses and dissertations will prove invaluable.In fact, the introductions to scholarly theses and dissertations of all kinds tend to have very similar primary functions, so I have listed a number of these below.Do be aware, however, that these points are particularly relevant to a thesis or dissertation that makes an original contribution to knowledge.This can take many forms including a survey of the history of the occurrence of the problem or phenomenon and a summary or brief review of previous research on the topic.• Explain the value or significance of your research, which is often achieved as or immediately after you introduce background material.The problem with providing a simple answer that will apply universally to every scholarly thesis and dissertation is that each research project is unique and will therefore present its own specific requirements.Several factors may play a role in determining the length of the final document.A conceptual framework is very much like an accurate textual map of the territory investigated in your research, so it should allow you to include in meaningful ways everything you wish to report, discuss, interpret and argue.• Outline the aims and objectives of your research.Some instructors and guidelines might recommend a little shorter introduction of about 7% or even 5% of the total length of the document, but in other disciplines and especially when the background information needed to understand the research is extensive, an introduction might grow to 12% or even 15% of the entire thesis or dissertation.As you are designing and drafting the introduction for your thesis or dissertation, the guidelines, advice and models available to you will help you aim for an appropriate length, and as you finish and polish your work, they will help you edit for that perfect length.


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