The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test

Therefore, it’s in your employer’s best interests to ensure that candidates are capable of thinking critically.

An assumption is a claim that is accepted as the truth without sufficient evidence.

Finally, there’s no set material that you need to learn for the test.

By this, we mean that you won’t need to revise a case study or enter with prior knowledge of the role you’re applying for any wider knowledge about the working world.

If, at the start of each financial year, executives at the company agreed that DVDs would continue to sell based on zero evidence, this would be an assumption.

This could be dangerous since the sales of DVDs could suddenly drop, leaving the company in a difficult position.These are an issue for critical thinkers because, as a rule, claims made without factual evidence are unhelpful and can be misleading.For example, imagine if you worked at a company, and the success and survival of it depended on a continued market demand for DVDs.For the purpose of this test, assume that everything in the short paragraph is true.The problem is to judge whether or not each of the proposed conclusions logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt from the information given in the paragraph.What you need to study is critical thinking itself.Have you ever been in a debate with someone about something, and they’ve said something that sounds dubious?Two hundred students in their early teens voluntarily attended a recent weekend student conference in a midwestern city.At this conference, the topics of race relations and means of achieving lasting world peace were discussed, because these were the problems the students selected as being most vital in today's world.2.You might have heard the phrase, “for the sake of the argument, let’s assume that…” This is an explicit example of an assumption being made – an assumption that is required in order for the argument to make sense.Of course, you shouldn’t leave anything up to assumption when making an argument – even if all parties agree on the truth of the assumption.


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