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I always feel lucky anytime I remember that he is my father knowing how he has done the very best for me in life.

I always feel lucky anytime I remember that he is my father knowing how he has done the very best for me in life.

He does not even try to attract any of us to his business but he tries to teach how we can discover our own passion and fields of interest in life.

He does his best to encourage us in the pursuance of our various dreams.

In fact, one can always see him spending weekends helping others out. He does not like expensive things and lives an easy and peaceful life. I wonder if he ever gets angry on anything as he takes everything so calmly and takes his time to decide upon things.

My Father – My Friend: My father is my friend as well.

My Father: My father is the person that I admire the most in my life.

I can never forget all the childhood memories that I have with him.My Father – My Role Model: My father is my role model for many reasons. That is why he is so respected in his office as well.He is always there to help his colleagues even if it is not his work.It is safe for me to say that my father is largely the reason behind my present joy and happiness.I can say that I am the person who I am today and the person that I am growing to be, is all because of the influence he has had and is having on me.My father has shown himself to be a very peaceful and polite person. What he tries to do is that he makes sure that I realise the mistake that I have made in a very polite way and helps me to get better and this has been working like magic for many years now. He is always there for every member of the family to help us in times when we need his advice and direction in taking decisions.Anytime we have a problem, we take it to him, he tries to help us by sharing some of the problems that he also faced in the past that are quite similar to our problem and how he was able to overcome them.He also shares all of his achievements and drawbacks in life and tells us to learn from them.My father has his personal online marketing business but he never insists any of his children to pursue a career in that same field so that we can take over after him.He always makes time to play with me and catch up on all the happenings in my life even after the hard work of the day.My father is one man who is very unique and different.


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