The Namesake Essay Belonging

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In the novel, The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, one can clearly see the viewpoint of how Gogol’s life over time has evolved from American to Bengali.

With the comfort of his Bengali life he’s able to push through the tragedy of his father’s death.

It’s a story of Ashima and Ashoke Ganguli who leave India for the sake of better opportunities in America and about their children Gogol and Sonia.

The immigrants lead a double identity, and, therefore, feel suspicious and fearful towards the new culture in early years of settlement in a new country.

Over time, we may already possess our very own identities and then develop different ones after a tragedy.

In order to easily move on from a plight, some sort of comfort or security is needed, whether its time, family, friends, a sport, or religion.They have to put their names in such a way which seem to fit in both the cultures. Thus, my purpose in this paper is to show how the immigrant’s children want to please their parents and also fit themselves in a new world despite their divided identity. Then, Ashoke abruptly passed away, giving Gogol a sort of wake up call.When told to get At first, he is apprehensive about the idea of dating a fellow Bengali, but once he gets to know her, he changes his mind.Key words- Cultural conflict, Second Generation, Divided Identity, Social Invisibility, Name. A society’s culture defines how its members communicate and cooperate with each other. The basic elements of culture are social structure, language, communication, religion, and values. After his father’s death, Gogol gradually returned to his Indian traditions.He takes care of his mother and sister, abandons the life he could have with Maxine, then marries a Bengali woman.When they got married, it was said that, “..and Moushumi are fulfilling a collective, deep-seated desire-- because they’re both Bengali, everyone can let his hair down a bit” (224). Instead of ending in a happy ever after, Gogol and Moushimi went their separate ways.There is no doubt that Gogol internally battles with his dual-identity.


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