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The Monster Essay-12
When the monster comes to life Victor turns away from his creation.

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These characteristics of JVC and monster show that they are very similar.

Monsters are not like the body of Victor, but instead have the same personality. Both of them want to help others and I want to be the best for others.

Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein raised the wrong idea that the creation of Victor is a monster, but it was not so. The only aim of Victor to create his creations was to gain a reputation When he realized that his creation is the only one that brings him to him, he I turned my back on creatures. "(Sherry 127) In Frank Shellstein of Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein is very similar to the monster he created. Another similarity is that the anger of JVC and monsters is brought about by society.

Another similarity between Victor and the monster is that they all become hermits.

Whether it is forced by the ones around us or a choice made by us to be alone isolation separates the victim from society damaging them emotionally.

In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the monster, Frankenstein’s monster, comes to know the true act of isolation.However, Victor and the monster did not reflect the lover.Evil evolved in Victor 's heart also exists in monsters.By my definition of a monster this makes victors creation a monster but not Victor.Monsters are often present in gothic novels; especially in those that combine horror and romance.Victor Frankenstein develops a feeling of solitude after obsessing over creating the monster and paranoia of the destruction from the monster.In consequence of the solitude Victor forces upon himself, he is left with no one.A monster according to the online dictionary is many things; it can be a creature so ugly or monstrous that it scares people, an animal that is not of a normal shape behaviour or character, an animal or human that is huge in size, or a person who excites horror by wickedness or cruelty.I would describe a monster as someone who commits evil deeds and whose general mindset is to cause suffering on other living creatures.He wants to be the first person to give life to a deceased man.He spends all his time for this purpose and gave up his family and friends.


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