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Have your college counselor, parents, and even teachers review your drafts and offer suggestions.

Instead, focus on revealing what makes you “tick.” What are your inspirations and motivations?

Let your voice and your personality come to life in your essay.

They've read tens of thousands of college application essays, and they want to share their top college application essay tips!

Brainstorming is a critical element of the college essay writing process, however, many students don’t spend much time on it.

We can think of this difference as a scale of expertise.

Novices are those who do not perform very well, and we Following Vygotsky, people learn to perceive and think in the domains that they come into direct interaction with.

Talk with your parents and friends about experiences that were meaningful to you.

Those who know you best might offer some insight into what events reveal something compelling about you, and talking with them might inspire topics that you wouldn't have considered otherwise.

How has everything you’ve written about influenced not only your present, but also your future and goals.

A soft conclusion can make the rest of an otherwise strong essay fall flat.


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