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Searching the film or person you are interested in directly may turn up good quality results eg: "Charles Chauvel" "Cate Blanchett" "Muriel's wedding".If the film is a common term or name (eg: The castle), try using the name of the film director with the film title ("The castle" Rob Sitch).Yet, the movie never laughs at them; it laughs with them, understanding that their overjoy with tacky souvenirs and simple meals is merely an exaggeration of how any ordinary person gets through the day without losing sanity: happy to have with they have, instead of unhappy about what they lack.

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How does The Castle manage to make a movie centered around a not-very-bright family and get it exactly right?

I’ve asked this question every time I’ve watched The Castle—several times since I first saw it seven or eight years ago—and in this essay, I’m forcing myself to come up with an answer.

Darryl is so stubborn that he literally fights all the way to the High Court of Australia, comparing his family to the Aborigines, doggedly pursuing what he sees as the need to right an obvious wrong.

Through the medium of an often silly comedy, The Castle speaks to greater issues affecting Australians (whitey and Aborigine alike), and people the world over: the unchecked government bullying of private citizens, the even more unchecked public-private circle jerk I’ve often complained about, and the setting aside of self-evident truths in favor of powerful special interests.

Topping that list is problem the “wisdom of a simpleton” condescension, where the plainspoken dullard is the only one who can overcome the cynical manipulations of those dang intellectuals. Also, I tend to feel bad when characters get mistreated because they’re dumb, either because the filmmaker wants me to feel bad, or because they want me to laugh at the dummy.

Finally, I get supremely frustrated when a filmmaker tries to use a character’s ignorance or stupidity as a kind of straw man, vilifying a character through his or her simple-minded (typically narrow-minded) viewpoint.You have a guy who’s almost over-the-top in his self-righteousness, even as everyone around him thinks it’s a lost cause (this includes his bumbling lawyer, the hilarious Tiriel Mora).He’s stubborn, not naïve, and he will not accept anyone challenging what he believes as self-evidently just.I feel like this essay doesn’t sell The Castle as funny.That’s not really the goal here; I’m not writing a review to try to convince you to see it.For a broader range of resources, instead of the default "Everything but Articles" option, choose "Articles".This will search full text newspapers and magazines.These are not the actions of a dully naïve beacon of truth and justice; they’re the actions of a not-very-bright but righteously pissed off man who’s been threatened.So, instead of focusing on the exploitation of the dumb-but-righteous hero by cynical, rich meanies, you have a guy willing to fight dirty if the other side fights dirty.What makes the movie so successful is not the wisdom of its simpleton hero; it’s his dogged pursuit of justice in the face of a problem that affects all individuals to varying degrees.Darryl’s ignorance makes him self-righteous and stubborn, not a dumb punching bag.


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